Shipping May Take Longer Time Than Usual As Of COVID19 Pandemic.


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June 03, 2020 4 min read

COVID 19 has been a significant hindrance on production and delivery in many businesses globally. Many print firms have to trim down services to adhere to the government's social distancing and safety guidelines, which we also acknowledge firmly but with practical techniques in place to ensure the progressive running of our productions successfully.

 At Aaliyah Artz, we're committed to providing a safe environment for both our employees, clients, and the community at large. As we strive together with other organizations around the globe to beat the COVID 19 outbreak, we are trying to reduce the risks of spreading the virus among individuals despite the challenges and difficulties we are facing.

 We're taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously from our end, and our effort in maintaining public health and employees' safety might incurred delays on the production of customized T-shirts, accessories, hoodies, canvas, hats, drawstring bags, backpacks, and more which we are not taking with levity. 

 As a company, Aaliyah Artz is committed to quick delivery and 100% customer satisfaction, and we are ever doing our best to have your needs met on time; however, this global pandemic has made things a little bit different recently. Custom printing and shipments may experience delays that are beyond our control. We may presently be unable to guarantee delivery dates, due to the effect of COVID-19, but we assure quality and satisfactory production without delay even in this COVID 19 period.

 Moreover, our Sales team will be reaching out to our customers proactively if we foresee any delay. We are ever ready to provide the best printing solutions possible, even in this critical circumstance. 

 At Aaliyah Artz, we are doing our best to soften the blow on our sales and delivery, taking every necessary measure to ensure you get your goods on time. To achieve this, we have to modify our print techniques and improvise the production process to reduce the number of workers at our facility at a time. We also need to go on sanitizing break frequently to sanitize our work areas. While this would slow us down, we've enlisted several methods to get the job done as quickly as possible, keeping up with regular volumes and reducing delays. 

 Therefore, if you are experiencing delivery delays, please note that these measures are temporary until this present situation goes off and full production resumes at our facility. 

 Everything we're doing is to protect our teams and customers. We are adhering to the CDC's recommendations about social distancing, hand-washing, and other hygiene policies.




We have infinite types of high-quality t-shirts that keep their color, durable for years and made with excellent fabrics that won't shrink or pill the list include Burn Out, Combed Cotton, Jersey, Linen, Modal, Organic Cotton, Pigment-dyed, Polyester, Rayon, Rib knit, and more.

T-shirt is such a simple garment and wardrobe familiar that fits for men and women. Regardless of people's style, location, or profession, a t-shirt is major apparel in their closets. You deserve a cute shirt that will survive the years of washing and wearing, and that is what we offer. 

 The quality of our t-shirts is durable, and the softness is real. We ensure that the stitching is perfectly well done, and the variety of colors makes your clothing brand imaginations achievable and express your creativity.

 We understand that there is different taste in what we wear, how it fits, and how it makes us feel, that is one reason our t-shirts are made in style for a natural, relaxed feel.


We offer a wide range of best quality hoodies at a reasonable price that is the right fit for customers and serve to complement and therapeutic purposes in different seasons, including Baja, designer, fur, over-the-head, polo, skate, skull, slim fit, zip-up and more. 

Hoodies are perfect warmers in winter, having thick texture with super soft, comfy inside and long sleeve to cover your hands comfortably – for cold hand syndrome patients, keeping your ears and head warm when you pull it over on frigid days. 

 When it's all about the hood, you can count on us. We deliver great custom made hoodies that offer proper protection from the snow or rain and make you fashion acceptable. Hoodies make a great casual look, especially when designed appropriately. Feel free to wear your hoodie to the gym, at home, or even to the office. Slightly over-sized hoodies are also available if that gives you maximum comfort.

With varieties of colors to choose from, our hoodies have a high capacity to blend with any color combination for brand and logo design comfortably.

Schools, sports teams, and corporate clients can also take advantage of our new swaggy hoodies with a very soft exterior material as a gift for employees or promotional and marketing use. 


Accessories are proper compliments to outfits, and we quite understand that. Accessories are very sensitive in fashion to the extent that everything can be ruined without appropriate use, even after putting on a beautiful dress. In this light, we are always careful about providing excellent custom-designed accessories selectively to suit your fashion desires and offer you an entire customized outfit.

Men and women make their outfits on their own with nice-looking accessories, but you can't imagine the wonder they work when handled by accessories authority likes us. We help enhance outfits with flawlessly customized shoes, bags, watches, socks, gloves, ties, hats, belts, umbrellas, and more to customers' taste with our brilliant expertise at very fair pricing.


Thanks for your understanding. 

Aaliyah Artz 

Merissa Wilson
Merissa Wilson

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